Send anything, anywhere, anytime.

Something large, across Europe, same day or on a Sunday at an incredibly good price?

You are going somewhere?

Then travel for free! Conveniently earn extra money by taking something with you for someone who is more than happy to adequately reward you for the service.

How is this possible?

ÜberBringer gives you the solution you need to do so. And you yourself together with a community of exceptional people are the magic ingredient that makes it possible.

We have set our sails to revolutionize the way things move around Europe. Tired of limited options for sending and receiving things, wondering about high, inconsistent shipping prices and sheer amazed by how much unused space you find on our roads, our mission is to make the transportation of goods cheaper, faster and greener for everyone .

ÜberBringer is a social platform that

connects people who want to send things

with people who are going that way anyway

Senders post what they would like to have delivered; movers – private and professional – see these items and offer their service. Both sides agree through personal, private communication on the best deal for them.

That’s it and that’s 100% free.

With a considerable amount of members in the community, this will fundamentally change the shipments of goods. And all benefit goes to the community of senders and movers, with more money in both pockets and more convenience sending things.

Revolutionize logistics!