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I received many quotes to ship my drums […]. Not only was it cheaper but also much faster
I bought a second hand couch online and conveniently arranged the shipping on ÜberBringer
Thanks to ÜberBringer I managed to get my passport just in time for my flight
I couldn’t believe how much I saved through ÜberBringer when I sent my winter sports gear back home

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More than you can imagine! Be it a passport, snowboard or your neighbor’s donkey. It’s up to you as a Sender and Mover to agree on a deal. However there are some legal restrictions. It is not allowed to have others transport anything that is illegal and/or dangerous to ship. This means: illegal substances, drugs, fireworks, firearms, stolen goods or anything else that you wouldn't want your mom to know that you were sending.

Of course! Every registered shipment that complies with ÜberBringers terms and conditions is automatically insured for up to €1500 free of charge by or insurance partner First Marine. Professional transporters can also use ÜberBringer, so if you opt for Mover who is a professional transporter, you can assume that your shipment is insured. To be absolutely sure whether your Mover provides insurance for the good and to find out all details about the insurance’s conditions, please directly clarify these points with the Mover before the transport. It all just depends on which Mover you’re working with.

Customer satisfaction and the resulting rating are key for our Movers, as they rely on it to receive new jobs. We require each Mover to provide detailed contact details, including a mobile phone number which is verified through a digital authentication process. You will get access to the Mover's profile once you accept a job. If you want to, you can cancel the job before the Mover picks up the item.

Until you strike a deal you can cancel any job you have posted. Once you and the Mover agree on a deal, you have a commitment to the Mover. Should you really need to cancel the job after you and the Mover agreed on it, please contact the Mover immediately and together find a solution that keeps both of you happy.

Absolutely! You can change your job until a Mover accepts it. Remember that the Mover is not required to bring anything with him that is not part of the job you submitted. However, we do encourage our Movers to find an amicable solution with you should anything unforeseen happen.

Should you have any problems with the pick-up or drop-off of the item you would like to send, we recommend you to contact the Mover for your job immediately. You can find the Mover's contact details, including email and phone number, in the job details. Contact us at if you are not able reach the Mover directly. We will do our best to solve your issue ASAP.

Nothing. Your job posting will expire at the end of the delivery time, which you have defined. You can extend or submit your job again at any time. To secure the interest of our Movers, make sure that your job price and the pick-up/drop-off specifications are attractive enough.

Integrity and the security of the data you provide are of utmost importance to us. The transmission of your data is always encrypted. Sensitive data (such as your login information) are transmitted not only encrypted, but also stored encrypted. Obviously, in order for a deal to come true, both Sender and Mover need to provide some information on the respective item/route that is visible for users. Unless prompted by legal authorities, we will never give any of your information to third parties.