There isn't any – one of the beauties of ubringr.com. The only obligation is when you strike a quote you're obligated to make the delivery. Once you're registered and have completed your profile, you are free to browse and bid on jobs with no commitment at all. You will get notified of jobs that match your route. You then choose the deliveries that suit you and place quotes. Need some inspiration? Browse current deliveries.

Sennder.com is 100% free for everyone. There are no costs or hidden fees. You agree on a price with the Sender and all cash you receive goes directly into your pockets.

Sennder.com, like multiple successful sharing economy marketplaces, is built on trust and community rating. Together with the Sender you have to agree on the best mode of fulfillment of obligations. You have to deliver the job, while the Sender and/or receiver have to pay for your service. With our Mover and Sender rating system, each member can see if and how trustworthy other members are. Somebody with a bad rating will unlikely strike another deal and might possibly be banned from ubringr.com.

Absolutely! Another beauty of ubringr.com: within the EEA (European Economic Area) you can take things across borders on behalf of other people. Some country-specific restrictions might apply on certain quantities and product categories (e.g. tobacco and alcohol products).

In most cases, the things on the move are not packed so you see and check before you take. If the item is packed, you can ask the Sender to open the packing and show you what he wants you to take. In almost all cases, things on the move are ordinary goods like a chair, skis or a guitar.

Integrity and the security of the data you provide are of utmost importance to us. The transmission of your data is always encrypted. Sensitive data (such as your login information) are transmitted not only encrypted, but also stored encrypted. Obviously, in order for a deal to come true, both Sender and Mover need to provide some information on the respective item/route that is visible for users. Unless prompted by legal authorities, we will never give any of your information to third parties.

We highly recommend that you only accept deliveries when you are on your way and know that you can make the pick up on time. Failing to make the delivery can reflect poorly on you and your performance through poor ratings and reviews from the Senders. However we do understand that unexpected events can occur, so if you are prevented to perform the delivery, please contact the Sender immediately by phone and notify them that you cannot perform the job. Although we really don’t want to and hope that we don’t have to, ubringr.com does reserve the right to suspend or cancel accounts of Movers who accept jobs and then fail to perform the deliveries. The same applies to Senders who do not fulfill their obligations.

Sennder.com is mobilizing the crowd to build a whole new marketplace. Together we revolutionize how things move around Europe to make the shipment of goods faster, cheaper and greener for everyone. If you want to make extra cash almost without extra work, are reliable, customer focused and passionate to deliver the best quality service you can, then ubringr.com is for you. Sennder.com can be for you, regardless whether you travel by car or commute on public transport. Take your best friend’s winter jacket from his mother’s house with you on the train and give it to him at his student apartment, or put someone's keys in your pocket to deliver it while you’re out on you bike. We're constantly impressed with the Movers, whose local knowledge is invaluable. We have hundreds of Movers providing national coverage, so if you're interested in becoming a Mover, register today.